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My dA family!

~Popqueen54321 :iconpopqueen54321:I am a purple blooded sea dweller also is apprently the family baby -_-
~ZeLink64 :iconzelink64: The cousin that majorly admires Ganondorf
~Lonesomecry :iconlonesomecry: The twin sister of ~popqueen54321 :D And Link's wifey!;p
~Link :iconherooftimeplz: Lonesomecry's husband!:heart:
~Otaku-Riisu :iconotaku-riisu: My kick @$$ older brother!
~Moonandsunlight :iconmoonandsunlight: Family Alchemist, and my MOIRAIL :iconmoirailplz:
~PinkPainted :iconpinkpainted: My Pink loving older sister :D
~Linkcrazy-4ever :iconlinkcrazy-4ever: Grelle obsessed sister :)
cookiestealer002:iconcookiestealer002: My cookie loving sister who has Panic! attacks, and is a soldier in the MCRmy. :D
BlindiferPokemon9769:iconblindiferpokemon9769: The pokemon training sister that wants to be the very best, like no one ever was.


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homestuck challenge day 8 Fave Song by Moonandsunlight

Taking into account your skill level, this is a very beautiful drawing. This piece reflects the songs well enough to my knowledge. The ...

Hello, all! I have missed you cuties in my absence! I have a few updates I have decided to share with you~\

:bulletblack: My computer is busted. :\
:bulletblack: My art skills have improved significantly since the last time I uploaded. I'll most likely do a then and now picture for comparison. That's still under debate. I may never post anything ever again.
:bulletblack: I've been watching tons of anime throughout the school year as well as reading many books.

:bulletred: The Hungers Games was pretty terrible, in my opinion; however, I did read the entire series.
:bulletred: I read the first Percy Jackson book. It was so amazing I almost cried.
:bulletred: I read Witch and Wizard--well, most of it. It wasn't my cup of tea and not what I was expecting having read the manga first.
:bullettrf: The first Artemis Fowl book was splendid if not a little short. I look forward reading the newer editions to the series.
:bullettrf: The first two Ranger's aprentice books were spectacular, but for now I'm taking a break from them.

Those were the most significant books I read on my own time, but the Pigman, which I read in class, was a definite read. I recommend it everyone and anyone. The theme was powerful, and the characters were very developed. If you're into war books, April Morning( taking place in the Revolutionary war--the shot heard 'round the world) was wonderful. Again, very strong themes, and a great tear jerker.

As for anime and other tellie shows I watched the following:

:bulletblack: I did end up finishing SOul Eater and it is to this day my favorite anime. I am thirsty for one of the manga volumes. Patrick better keep his volumes locked up tight or else I may be reading under his bed for about a week.
:bulletblack: I watched the first couple episodes of Fairytail. It wasn't worth the hype as far as I could tell, but my opinion is not warranted due to the amount I watched.
:bulletpink: Ouran Highschool Host Club!!!!! :heart: This anime is dear to my heart, and I deeply relate to Tamaki Suoh. Very girly yet I made a very manly otaku friend of mine watch it. Priceless.
:bulletblack: Angel Beats was very good. Though tears were quite often shed, I enjoyed it thoroughly. It's a shame it was only 13 episodes.
:bulletred: Dance in the Vampire Bund was sexy and I feel weird for saying that. I'm desperate to get a hard copy of the manga because I hear it is much, much better. (I ship Mina and Akira so hard. Sooo hard.)
:bulletblack: Vampire Knight: I did end up reading four volumes of the manga first(they were much better than the anime), and the anime wasn't as good by miles, but I still enjoyed the six episodes I watched of it, and I intend to watch more.
:bulletblack: Kenichi: the Mightiest Disciple was good for an action series. It was humorous and charming, though I don't have any plans of going past episode ten of which I'm currently on, it was a nice anime that I'm glad I watched.
:bulletblack: I only read the first manga for the original FUll Metal Alchemist, and the same brief interest was shared in watching 3 episodes of the anime. This is definitely on my bucket list to watch in its entirety as well as brotherhood.
:bulletblack: Highschool of the Dead, my favorite otaku best friend's(the one I made watch ouran) favorite anime and coming up in second or third on my personal list is a beautiful creation even if it did give me nightmares. I wish very dearly to read the manga of this all too short 13 episode anime. It saddens me it wasn't as long as Soul Eater or even just the length of Ouran. My sources say that  Daisuke Satō and Shōji Satō is going to make more manga when they finish their current.
:bulletblack: Blood+ is an anime that I plan on finishing eventually.
:bulletblack:  Finally, Black Butler is the anime I am currently working on. I will finish it.

:bulletblue: As usual, Docotor Who is on my favorite list, and I'm only in season 4 still. I'll catch up eventually.
:bulletblack: I'm in season 4 of Grey's Anatomy, a definite favorite even for a hospital drama. I'm considering not watching anymore due to the fact that the season finale of season 3 pissed me off so much. I was in a bad mood all day. Freaking Lexy Grey... Sinking ships everyday....

That's all the media I've been up to while I draw.

Have a wonderful summer and I'll talk to you all at a later time~!

  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Marina and the Diamonds
  • Reading: Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children
  • Watching: Black Butler
  • Playing: The Legend of Zelda
  • Eating: Blue berries
  • Drinking: Water

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